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How To Set New Business Meetings
In-house course available on demand
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For any PR agency or freelancer the ability to set new business meetings is absolutely crucial - and never more so than now. In a recession clients look to get the best value possible and so a growing number of contracts are up for review - while this means your existing relationships might be under threat it also means you have a great opportunity to win new business.

But you need to get in the door. And that is far from easy.....

Anyone with a PR budget is called by agencies and freelancers dozens of times a day, and they will only agree to see the people who really stand out from the crowd. If you've ever done any new business calling you know how hard this can be.

This half-day training course will give you all the skills you need to make calls that result in meetings, and eventually new business. We cover:

- developing a compelling sales message

- building good lists of prospects

- getting through to the decision-makers

- grabbing attention from the start

- building rapport through intelligent questioning

- overcoming objections

Your trainer has spent many years making new business calls on behalf of dozens from PR agencies, from one-man bands through to international networks. He has set thousands of new business meetings, which have resulted in those PR agencies winning millions of pounds of new business.

He knows exactly how to set a new business meeting, and in these training sessions he will be showing PR professionals exactly what they need to do to get in ahead of the competition and win new clients.

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